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There are many lovers of cats and a good part of them decide to have them tattooed on the skin. It is known that in many cultures they are considered sacred animals and in others cats are related to hidden knowledge. So whether for simple taste or symbology the tattoos of cats are the order of the day and here we will see some of their meanings.

One of the cultures that venerated cats was the Egyptian culture, where many were mummified. The Egyptian goddess Basbet, for example, with the head of a cat, symbolized the joy and protection of the home. So many people carry tattooed Egyptian sphinx cats giving the cat a more spiritual place.

There are those who are tattooed cats by the myth of the 7 lives, since it implies survival, and perhaps they are people who have lived extreme experiences and reflect this «return to live» through a cat figure.

The black cat tattoo is the one that is most related to wisdom, and the power to see things that humans don’t see. For many people in no way symbolize bad luck, but quite the contrary, the mystery they bring with them is because they are almost magical creatures.

Although there are men who love cats and decide to have them tattooed, most women still opt for this feline tattoo. Cats are also seen as a symbol of femininity and feminine energy, many girls are tattooed contours of cats or cats of slender and majestic figure with simple and minimalist forms.

What about cat paws? Cat footprint tattoos symbolize the memory of a beloved pet, as well as bringing an extra dose of sweetness to the body. There are other ways to symbolize the cat without doing it with its complete figure, it can be just a face, or eyes, even seen from behind with its recognized tail.

There are a lot of variants to get an original cat tattoo and carry these ancient beings on your skin.

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